Front Line Genomics April CoverIn this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
    Festival of Genomics Boston headliner, Aubrey de Grey, talks us through what it means to cure ageing.
  • Cancer Is Not An Organ Disease, It’s A Molecular Disease
    Nazneen Aziz explains the culture change needed to win the war on cancer.
  • Cancer Susceptibility In The Era Of Next-Gen Sequencing
    Dan Koboldt guides us through the genetic predisposition associated with breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • From X-Rays To Genomics: 109 Years Of Cancer Research With The AACR
    We speak with Scott Armstrong about AACR’s work and their upcoming meeting in New Orleans
  • The Rise Of Long Reads
    Co-developer of SMRT Sequencing technology, Jonas Korlach, explains why long reads are the future.
  • The Right To Know
    Representing the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors, Anna Middleton explains how the genomic era is changing the way in which counsellors work.
  • The Science Of Story Telling
    Carl Zimmer is one of today’s highest profile science communicators. He tells us what makes him tick, and what makes a good story.
  • So Wrong It’s Right?
    Deadpool finally made it onto the big screen. Does breaking the fourth wall let the ‘merc with the mouth’ get away with some fatally flawed science?

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