Front Line Genomics MagazineIn this Issue:

  • Welcome To The Sequencing-On-The-Go Era
    Keith Robison (OMICS! OMICS! & Warp Drive Bio) looks at what the arrival of handheld sequencing technology might mean, and what needs to happen to support it. 
  • The Man Who Commercialised NGS
    We interview Nick McCooke, who reflects on his time at the helm of Solexa  pioneering NGS technology. 
  • Long Reads – The Story Of The Year
    Theral Timpson (Mendelspod) considers what drove us to short reads, the potential of long reads, and why it might just be the story of the year. 
  • NGS Is Here To Stay. Now How Do We Use It?
    Mayo Clinic’s, David Smith, talks to us about the changes genomic technology is bringing about and what we should be doing to prepare for them.
  • Letting The People Decide
    We talk patient attitudes, incidental findings and public engagement with the Sanger Institute’s Anna Middleton. 
  • Curing The Un-Curable
    Michael Vellard tells us how he got to be VP of Research at Ultragenyx, and what drives his relentless work on rare genetic diseases.

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