In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • FLG Festival Issue Front CoverThe Family Business
    Eric Green talks to us about being brought up in a science family, and answers questions from our previous interviewees.
  • Thank You Genomic Medicine: Solving The Interpretive Gap
    Wendy Rubinstein looks at why getting genomics to physicians’ desks is proving so problematic.
  • Festival of Genomics: Behind The Scenes
    The team behind Festival of Genomics Boston explain what the Festivals are, and what to look out for in Boston.
  • Leading The Way In Genomic Medicine
    Festival of Genomics Boston headliner, Diana Bianchi, tells us why prenatal is leading the way.
  • Genomes2People: A Roadmap For Genomic Medicine
    We take a closer look at the Genomes2People Research Program, and the brilliant minds leading it.
  • DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas, And Drama
    ‘The Play’ is making a return to Festival of Genomics Boston, and playwright Lynn Bus tells us all about it.
  • CRISPR Technology In A Day Of Our Lives As Researchers
    Sylvie Guichard lets us into her world at AstraZeneca, with a run through of what can happen in a single day.
  • Are Scientists Our New Superheroes?
    Captain America: Civil War Finally hit our screens. Has ‘superhero’ now become a synonym for ‘scientists’?

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