In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • FLG magazine issue 9“It’s up to you to start the company”
    As the founder of three different data-driven companies, Atul Butte, knows a thing or two about biotech entrepreneurship
  • The Big Top comes to Vancouver: Welcome to ASHG 2016
    October is creeping up, and that can only mean on thing: the world’s largest genetics show will be rolling into town once again
  • Spotlight on San Diego: The Genomics Capital of the World
    Our special supplement on San Diego, home to Top Gun, Festival of Genomics California, and some of the most exciting genomics innovation around
  • BioNano Genomics: Revealing true genome structure with optical mapping!
    Straight out of San Diego, California, comes next-generation mapping letting you study those all-important structural variations in the genome
  • Here’s the vision. Do you want it?
    There’s a revolution happening at Rady Children’s Hospital, as whole genome sequencing sweeps into the clinic with President and CEO Stephen Kingsmore at the helm
  • The Engine Making Rapid NGS Diagnoses Possible
    Pieter Van Rooyen is the founder and CEO of Edico Genome, a San Diego based company that has developed the world’s first bio-IT processor designed to analyse NGS data at ultra-rapid speeds
  • The Secret Life of Cells
    We get into the world of single cells with Roger Lasken, Director of Single Cell Genomics at the J Craig Venter Institute, to find out how sequencing on a minute scale could radically change the way we understand disease
  • Open your minds and celebrate genomics: a unique collision of ideas
    Ahead of Festival of Genomics California, Founder and CEO of Front Line Genomics Richard Lumb explains what makes the Festival so special
  • The inner working of the brain
    Just as sequencing before it, gene editing technology is getting faster, easier and more accessible. It’s opening up some very exciting research opportunities!
  • Behind the curtain into the daily life of a cytogenomicist
    Ever wondered what a day in the life of a cytogenomicist in a genomic healthcare nirvana looks like? Alka Chaubey of Greenwood Genetic Center lifts the curtain
  • Movie Review: On the Road Again
    Since the latest X-Men and Star Trek outings did not live up to expectations, Carl Smith shares his thoughts a new sci-fi favourite destined to become a classic

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