In this Issue:Front Line Genomics Magazine 2

  • The View From The Top
    Jean-Claude Marshall, Director of Pfizer’s Clinical Pharmacogenomics Laboratory, outlines the current state of pharmacogenomics.
  • The Next Frontier For Cancer Research
    Shea Robinson, looks at the latest developments in epigenetics and what they might mean for our understanding of cancer. 
  • Cut The Hype. Accuracy And Standards Come First
    Gholson Lyon (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) outlines the need for greater accuracy in research and the benefits of a broad range of experiences. 
  • From High School Biology Teacher To Genomic Pioneer
    Merck’s David Stone, shares his remarkable journey from high school biology teacher to playing a pivotal role in big pharma.
  • NGS: How And Why We Got Here
    Richard Wintle (TCAG) looks at the history of NGS and why we are where we are today with the technology and what that means for you.
  • Giving Patients A Voice
    Genetic Alliance UK’s Director, Alastair Kent OBE, talks about patient-power and the changing healthcare landscape.
  • We’ve Barely Begun To See What’s Possible
    Google’s Jonathan Bingham, presents the story behind Google Genomics and their vision for the future of genomic research.

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