In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • Front Line Genomics Magazine Issue 10 CoverMaking Sense of Big Data
    Rong Chen, the one-person whirlwind of bioinformatics innovation, talks about his work with big data and how to make it work for physicians
  • Pioneering Data Sharing Network Created To Accelerate Cancer Precision Medicine Development
    Intermountain Healthcare explain how they are helping turn precision medicine into a reality
  • A Disease of the Genome
    Our Content Manager, and woman on the scene, Liz Harley explores the exciting world of cancer bioinformatics
  • Leading The Next Generation of Computational Biologists
    At 17, Prathik Naidu already has an impressive CV under his belt. We find out what makes him tick and where his curiosity is taking him. Definitely one to watch!
  • Developing Drugs for Precision Medicine
    Roselyn Lemus explains how investing in genomic research is helping her develop better therapies for precision medicine
  • Think On A New Scale And Reimagine
    Patrick Finn tells us why Twist Bioscience are one of the most exciting biotech companies out there, and why getting the right people on board is crucial
  • Big World. Molecular Medicine. One Community.
    With AMP’s annual meeting coming up in November, this year’s program chair, Vicky Pratt, talks us through the history of the association and what you should be getting excited about at the annual meeting
  • Building A Responsible Future For Personalised Medicine: Being A Genetic Counselor In Industry
    Erica Ramos takes us through a typical day in her life as a GC at Illumina, which starts outrageously early in the morning!
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
    With the movie theaters full of let downs, we remind you that it’s possible to get science pretty accurate without sacrificing a phenomenal cinematic experience

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