In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • FLG Magazine FoG London 2017Fulfilling a Destiny and Wanting More
    Kári Stefánsson talks us through the first 20 years of deCODE, why he was destined to return to Iceland, and what the future might hold.
  • Continually Reinventing
    The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute’s Julia Wilson explains how the institution has managed to stay on top.
  • Roundtable: Taking Whole Genome Sequencing Mainstream
    A panel of experts look at mainstreaming efforts in the UK, identifying key challenges and next steps.
  • A Modern-Day Frankenstein and Scientific Equality
    This issue’s Fire Starter is Raw Science founder, Keri Kukral. We caught up with her just ahead of the 2016 Raw Science Film Festival.
  • A Global Philosophy
    We talk Human Cell Atlas and Festival of Genomics London, with Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.
  • Getting a Clinically Meaningful Genomic Result Back to Patients 
    Head of Precision Medicine at CRUK, Rowena Sharpe talks about her journey through cancer research and how her organisation is helping make precision medicine a reality.
  • Fiftyfold Performance Increase For Genomics Sequencing? Garvan Institute Of Medical Research Did It.
    How on-premise performance storage combined with a stateof-the-art sequencing platform can drive extraordinary research achievements.
  • A High Definition Look at Single-Cell Sequencing
    Associate Director of NGS at Takara Bio USA, Suvarna Gandlur tells us about single-cell sequencing and the challenges of clinical research.
  • Making The Transition – From Postdoc to PI
    Following a glittering postdoc career, Iain Macaulay is now setting up his
    own group at the Earlham Institute. This is what his day looks like during these crucial formative times!
  • Dr. Strange
    The Marvel cinematic juggernaut rumbles on, as the connoisseur’s, and gentlemen’s choice, Dr. Strange, finally takes his bow on the big screen.

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