In 2016, we produced our very first Genomics 101, a handy guide to the ins and outs of the genomics workflow from sequencing all the way through to clinical reporting. Thousands of you downloaded it (thank you!) and many got in touch to tell us how useful you found it. 

So for 2017 we decided to go even bigger, with three new 101 guides covering three major areas of genomics: Clinical Genomics, Genomic Data, and Gene Editing.

Gene Editing 101: 2017 Edition

Since the 1970’s, the idea of inserting new DNA into an organism’s genome has been the focus of many different research studies. Over the last 40 years or so, our experiments have evolved from simple microinjections of viral DNA, to complex semi-synthetic nucleases, to highly accurate technologies such as CRISPR, with each new stage of the development improving our understanding of genomics.

Gene editing has always been a controversial topic but as our knowledge increases, the potential benefits of this technology are also growing – the Gene Editing 101 is designed to illuminate this often confusing and sometimes poorly explained topic, while showcasing the enormous potential of these technologies. With the help of our sponsors and external contributors, we’ve tried to put together an unbiased, clear guide that covers the basics of modern gene editing. We focus on the central topics and techniques currently being used around the world to make this guide as accessible and functional as possible. 

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are able to offer our Genomics 101 series as free downloads. Simply fill out the form below to download the Gene Editing 101. 

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