DNA Doesn’t Look Like What You Think

11 September 2017

The iconic double-helix structure was captured by Rosalind Franklin in the 1950s, however, this popular visualisation only tells part of the story of DNA.

20 June 2017

Cat Domestication: From Farms to Sofas

A new study has revealed far more about when and how cats found their way from the edges of civilisation into our homes, heart and ultimately the internet

12 May 2017

Measuring Accelerated Aging in Space

A year ago, 15 year old Julian Rubinfien won the Genes in Space competition – now, astronaut Jack Fischer wants to congratulate his achievement from 400km away

8 May 2017

The Pros and Cons of Genome Sequencing

The promises and perils of this CRISPR were discussed by leaders within gene therapy such as Eric Topol and J. Craig Venter during a panel discussion last week

5 May 2017

Introducing Station X’s GenePool

In an episode of Amazon Web Services’ This Is My Architecture, Anish Kejariwal gives us a rundown of Station X’s platform GenePool