USA Events: Meet with Your Target Market to Help Them Achieve Their Goals

festival of genomics 2018Earlier this year, we placed a small number of vendors in a room with hand-picked pharma senior executives and technical experts from organizations. Amongst the organizations represented were AstraZeneca, J&J, Health Data Research, GSK, Genomics England, Novartis, Takeda, Imperial College and Horizon Discovery. The group took part in open discussions under Chatham House rules, and outlined major roadblocks and presented potential solutions to the group to move the field forward.

The vendors in the room were an essential presence as they were able to inform on emerging technologies and added a much-needed perspective to the discussion. Not only did they contribute intellectually, they contributed to their own commercial priorities:

1. Build and develop trusted relationships with key people in target market.
2. Grow sales pipeline and gather information not readily available to competitors to improve sales and marketing plans.
3. Gather actionable intelligence that will influence R&D/product design by understanding market needs.
4. Position solution as integral to the field by establishing its immediate potential to help end-users overcome their current challenges.
5. Position as a thought leader by having unique access to end-users who are shaping the future of genomics and precision medicine.

The end-users present found it extremely useful, and something they want to carry on being a part of. Vendors, similarly found the exercise beneficial and exciting. While we are still committed to covering genomics as a whole through our media platforms and the Festival of Genomics, these focused invite-only meetings are helping us proactively approach our mission to help deliver the benefits of genomics faster. Post-event there are great opportunities to carry these conversations and really build on the needs of key end users by taking away invaluable and actionable insights to your teams.


We are in the process of setting up the next wave of meetings in Boston:

June 19/20/21 – Boston: We will be holding 6 x half day meetings, each with 15-20 senior-level people focused on precision medicine/genomics, on 6 discrete topics. Topics will be announced soon.

September 14/15 – Boston: We will be hosting a larger one-day meeting, gathering 150-300 senior-level people, covering a range of different topics within genomics and precision medicine, all in one location.

If you would like to be a part of these high impact and focused meetings then let’s talk about how you would like to participate: