Gene Insertion Allows Blind Mice to See Again

15 March 2019

Scientists from the University of California have announced a possible alternative option to electronic eye implants for those who have lost their sight: gene therapy. Virus-delivered genes for green opsin gave blind mice sight enough to determine patterns on an iPad, they found, with the therapy possibly ready for clinical trials in three years’ time.

13 March 2019

Researchers Identify PTSD Blood Biomarkers

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers have found blood-based genetic markets of psychological stress which could lead to better diagnostics for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and bring forward new drug development leads.

11 March 2019

23andMe Set to Launch Assessment of Users’ Diabetes Risk

Commercial DNA-analysing company 23andMe is looking to launch a new DNA assessment to help individuals discover their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Several million customers will receive the information over the coming weeks.

8 March 2019

CAR-T Therapy Destroys Lupus in Mice

A number of mice have been cured entirely of lupus by a CAR-T treatment which wipes out the immune system’s B cells by spotting the CD19 protein marker which nearly all B cells carry.

28 February 2019

Second Set of “Semi-Identical Twins” Identified

Twins born in Australia have become the second-ever-identified pair of “semi-identical” twins, and the first to be detected before they were born. Such cases come about when twins receive 100% identical genes from their mother, but not from their father.

27 February 2019

First Common Risk Genes for Autism Discovered

Researchers from the Broad Institute in the US and Danish iPSYCH project have discovered the first common genetic risk variants for autism and uncovered genetic differences in clinical subgroups of autism.

26 February 2019

How to Recruit a High-Performing Apprentice: Anglia Ruskin Panel Event

In September 2019, Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU’s) Cambridge campus will begin the first year of its new – and currently unique in the UK – Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship for the bioinformatics profession. Ahead of this, ARU and the Wellcome Sanger Institute have set up a “Lunch and Learn” panel event for hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists, looking at how they can best recruit and support top apprentices.

26 February 2019

Neuron-Optimised CRISPR Can Manipulate Neuron Gene Expression for First Time

A neuron-optimised CRISPR-Cas9 activation system has been used by scientists to regulate genes in a rat brain for the first time. This technique could lead to researchers being able to probe genetic influences on brain health and disease in model organisms which more closely resemble humans.