26 April 2017

Coffee Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

Research, combined with laboratory studies, confirms that drinking more than 3 Italian-style coffee cups a day reduces prostate cancer risk by more than 50%

21 April 2017

Grail’s STRIVE Study Launched

Grail has started clinical trial for its next generation sequencing-based blood test for detection of early-stage breast cancer, STRIVE

21 April 2017

Fear of a Deadly Superbug

If public health officials didn’t have enough on their plate already, coping with the recent funding cuts, one of the biggest threats is actually a deadly fungus

19 April 2017

The Superficial Concept of Genetic Affinity

A child-seeking couple visits a fertility clinic to try their luck with in-vitro fertilization, only to wind up accidentally impregnated by the wrong sperm. What’s next?

18 April 2017

HIV Persistence in Macrophages

A new approach may be needed to design an effective cure for HIV because of the virus’ ability to survive anti-retroviral therapy (ART)

18 April 2017

NHLBI Commits $12M in Funding to TOPMed

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is committing $12M (£9.5M) in funding to support its Trans Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) programme.