7 August 2018

Precision Medicine: A Global Initiative

Despite representing over 40% of the global population, Asians are vastly underrepresented in genetic databases contributing around 1%. We take a look at how FDNA, and other key players are changing this.

31 July 2018

China Sequencing Market Growth Booming

The DNA sequencing market in China is expected to reach 18.3B Yuan by 2022, rising from 7.2B Yuan last year at a much greater rate than the overall global market.

31 July 2018

Hope for Cancer Patients Found in Hair Loss Gene

A gene that’s associated with an autoimmune form of hair loss could be exploited to improve cancer immunotherapy, suggests a new mouse study by Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) researchers.

31 July 2018

DNA Repair After CRISPR Cutting: Not At All What People Thought

To find out which DNA repair enzymes are critical to homology-directed repair after CRISPR cutting, researchers have knocked out, one at a time, more than 2,000 genes known or suspected to be involved in DNA repair, a function critical to a healthy cell.