Illumina San DiegoThree new startups, including synthetic ecology, microbiome therapeutics, and small molecule discovery experts, are set to benefit from the expertise and resources of Illumina, as the company’s Accelerator Program announces its latest intake of startups. 

“Over the six months we try to check all the boxes in building a startup, from how to build a team, to how to develop a go-to-market strategy, to how to find and secure partnerships, networking, and fundraising,” Amanda Cashin, co-founder and head of Illumina Accelerator, said in a statement. “We’re proud to have these three promising companies join our growing network of genomics startups.”

Since being established in October 2014, the Accelerator has given a leg up to six different companies in two separate funding rounds. Past start ups in receipt of Illumina’s golden handshake include Encoded Genetics, PathoGn, Inc, Biome Makers Inc and Urology Diagnostics Incorporated.

“During our six months at Illumina, we formed a single-digit million-dollar partnership with a large pharmaceutical company, generated 15 TB of sequencing data, and advanced our internal pipeline programs,” a spokesperson for Encoded Genomics said.

The companies given the golden ticket in this latest round are:

  • Coax Biosystems, Inc. – A synthetic ecology company using a proprietary platform to understand and engineer microbial community products, with first applications in improving crop protection and yield.
  • Resilient Biotics, Inc. – A microbiome therapeutics company using genomic technologies and intelligent analytics to develop antibiotic replacements for complex infectious diseases.
  • Haystack Sciences Corporation – A small molecule discovery company developing a proprietary platform to discover novel treatments for human disease.

The Illumina Accelerator program offers sixth-month funding in which they offer capital and access to capital, sequencing and genomics expertise, coaching, and lab and office space in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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