TGen and Baylor working together to develop cancer therapies and improved patient care.

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) have announced a collaboration with Dallas’s Baylor Research Institute (BRI). The partnership will leverage the TGen’s research against BRI’s clinical opportunities to accelerate early detection and treatment for patients with a broad range of cancers.

“We will combine TGen’s strengths in genomics and proteomics with BRI’s strengths in metabolomics and immune-based approaches, initially focusing on genomic – or molecular – and translational research for oncology,” said Dr. Robert Pryor, M.D., President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Baylor Scott & White Health. “The collaboration is consistent with Baylor’s commitment to delivering precision medicine to patients.”

TGen and BRI will move ahead with their strategy of utilising liquid biopsies and sequencing technology to make significant steps towards a program of personalised medicine.

“TGen is a proven leader in genomic approaches to cancer and other diseases, this collaboration will accelerate our efforts to bring the latest developments directly to our patients,” commented said. 
Dr. Alan Miller, Chief of Oncology for Baylor Scott & White Health – North Texas.

The partnership will be focusing their efforts on breast and gynecological cancers; abdominal malignancies; and hematological cancers.

“I’m optimistic our work with Baylor will result in advances that can quickly add to a patient’s treatment options, either through our clinical trial efforts, or the development of new drugs that prove effective,” said Dr. John Carpten, TGen Deputy Director of Basic Science and Professor and Director of TGen’s Integrated Cancer Genomics Division, will lead the TGen efforts.