Five healthcare institutions partner with Sophia Genetics to use their genetic analysis platform.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of speaking with Sophia Genetics’ CEO & Co-Founder, Jurgi Camblong, knows that he is a man on a mission to bring us closer to data driven medicine. The company has been leveraging machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms to help address one of the biggest bottlenecks in clinical genomics. Now that NGS has become comparably affordable, more and more hospitals are able to employ it. What Sophia Genetics are doing, is helping those hospitals interpret that data with confidence. This is where their platform really comes into its own, by using stored data to help improve those algorithms and account for any biases in the technology being used.

Having hit the big meetings in the US at the start of the year, the company is currently out at ESHG in Glasgow at the moment, where they have just announced five new partnerships with British healthcare institutions. Oxford University Hospital, Newcastle Medical Genetics, Aberdeen Medical Genetics, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust and NewGene (the Northern Genetics Service) will be making use of the Sophia Genetics Data Driven Medicine Platform, with the aim of offering patients the best chance of diagnosis and treatment.

Anneke Seller, Consultant Director of Genetics, Oxford University Hospital: “Increasing use of Next Generation Sequencing testing in the clinic is inevitable. Sophia Genetics understands our clinical needs.”

Gavin Cuthbert, Head of Cancer Cytogenetics Service, NewGene (Northern Genetics Service) said: “Sophia Genetics came highly recommended. We are currently working to validate our NGS workflow utilising their technical support and data analysis and have been impressed by their products and services.”

Angele Silmon, CEO of NewGene (Northern Genetics Service): “We have always found Sophia Genetics easy to work with. Their thorough and professional approach to data analysis and process validation has allowed us to explore a wider range of NGS diagnostic tools than would otherwise have not been possible in such a quick time frame.”

Christine Bell, Healthcare Scientist and Principal Consultant, Aberdeen Medical Genetics: “Working with Sophia Genetics has allowed us to investigate and validate this gene panel more quickly and with greater confidence than we could have done on our own, speeding up the process of introducing the new NGS test to our routine service.”

There are now 55 institutions working with Sophia Genetics across Europe.