Germany-based molecular diagnostics company Curetis has established a new research subsidiary called Ares Genetics, which is intended to develop antibiotic resistance tests. Curetis The new company is based in Vienna, Austria, and will be utilising the Genetic Antibiotic Resistance and Susceptibility Database (GEAR) that was recently acquired by Curetis from Siemens. The aim is to use the database to investigate the genetic basis behind antibiotic resistance.

GEAR contains the genomic sequences of more than 11,000 bacterial strains, as well as data on their sensitivity to 21 antibiotics. Ares hopes to be able to use this information to identify the biomarkers and biomarker combinations which can indicate or predict antibiotic resistance and to locate potential new targets for novel antibiotics.

Ares will be led by Andreas Posch, who headed bioinformatics and developed GEAR for Siemens before moving to Curetis in March. Curetis’ chief commercial officer, Achim Plum, will serve as managing director.

“GEAR will expand Curetis’ content leadership with novel antibiotic resistance markers and form the basis for additional business, including clinical decision support, pharma research, or next-generation sequencing interpretation services,” said Posch in a statement. “Our goal is to advance GEAR as a collaborative research platform for academic and translational research, public health, and industry partners.”