We could be seeing the ‘super dog’ running around on the streets very soon. Well, that’s what the team of scientists in China are claiming. They say that they have found the answer to mass breeding extra strong fast dogs, thanks to a new pioneering technology.

The team of researchers from Sino Gene, a biological technology company based in Beijing are able to change a dog’s nature by modifying its genes, and then reproduce it through cloning, says The Daily Mail. They have recently welcomes cloned beagle, named Long Long to the world using the method.

The puppy has been genetically modified from his father, Apple. He was initially created to be a laboratory dog so that researchers could study the causes and cures of atherosclerosis. When Apple was being produced, they took a somatic cell – any cell of a living organism other than the reproductive cells – from a healthy beagle and modified one of the genes so that he was born with high blood lipids.

Although the idea of dog cloning isn’t a new one, Sino Gene is the first company in the world to be able to duplicate a genetically engineered dog. The proposed idea is that the animals work as working or police dogs, as well as helping researchers carry out further studies in genetic treatment.

Project leader, Lai Liangzue, believes that as a result they could eventually change the nature of dogs, with the potential of the technology being applied to breed model dogs with diseases such as autism and diabetes.