The developers of Seeq, a smartphone accessible genetic testing program have announced the launch of their new company, Gencove. 

The program aims to offer genome sequencing assay, ancestry and microbiome testing services, with the results being delivered through the web or a mobile app, for the price of $59.99.

Joseph Pickrell, Founder and CEO has explained that he wants Gencove to be able to help third parties to create ancestry analysis sites and digital biobanks without the need to build physical infrastructure. “The next big biobanks may not need the support of a national government, but could be run by small companies, non-profits, or even individual grad students,” he said in a statement. 

At current, the company have received $1 million in funding from a number of technology investors, those supporting the start up include Third Kind Venture Capital, Version One Ventures, Refactor Capital, SV Angel, Kresimir Penavic, and Balaji Srinivasan.