Californian research centre, the Salk Institute is being sued by two female scientists who claim that they, along with other woman have suffered gender discrimination.

Vicki Lundblad and Katherine Jones allege in their lawsuit that the institute is an “old boys club”, writes the San Diego Union-Tribune. They also went on to explain how they faced increasing pressure to downsize their laboratories, despite succeeding in bringing in research money.

In a statement, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, commented, “Drs. Jones and Lunblad, whose laboratories have received over $5 million in support from the institute over the past 10 fiscal years, have been treated generously by the institute, including relative to their male peers. Each scientist’s lucrative compensation package is consistent with well-recognised metrics that have been applied to all Salk faculty in a non-discriminatory manner.”

Currently, a spokesman for the institute said it wouldn’t make any comments beyond the statement because of the pending litigation.

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