Novocure and Acadia Pharmaceuticals may be situated on different sides of the globe, but both of them are biotech companies leading the way in their field.

BioSpace reports that the company’s at present have little or no competition. First off, let’s take look at Novocure. They have corporate offices based in Jersey Isle, U.K., as well as U.S. operations in Portsmouth, N.H., Malvern, Penn., and New York City. In addition, they have European operations in Switzerland and Germany, as well as in Japan and Israel.

Novocure are leading the way with a fourth modality for treating cancer, using tumour treating fields (TTFields). This method joins the already existing three: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. In simple terms, this process is like setting up electric fields around a tumour. During cell division, polar proteins need to be exactly aligned at the correct time to pull chromosomes into daughter cells. When the cells become exposed to electric fields, the proteins that make up the tubule spindles don’t form properly, the cells don’t divide properly, and they self-destruct.

The company’s device, Optune has been approved to treat newly diagnosed GBM, a type of brain tumour, in combination with temozolomide chemotherapy. The use of this in combination with chemotherapy is very useful, as it appears to make chemotherapy more effective.

Similarly, the second company who are based in San Diego lead the way in Acadia Pharmaceuticals. The company’s product, Nuplazid has been approved for Parkinson’s disease psychosis (PDP). In addition to this, it is also being evaluated for Alzheimer’s disease psychosis (ADP), which is a much bigger market. It is important to note that this is the only approved treatment for PDP.

Both of these companies are experiencing rising stock, so do keep your eye on their progress.