Sophia Genetics move into the Spanish market in their mission to reach 100 partnerships by the end of the year.

The last time we wrote about Sophia Genetics they had just increased their foot print to 55 institutions across Europe. Today sees an announcement that grows that number to 67 across 14 European countries. The latest additions to growing the list of laboratories making use of Sophia Genetics ‘Data Driven Medicine’ approach, are Spain’s Bioarray, Centro Inmunológico de la Comunidad Valenciana (CIALAB) and Genetadi.

Around 150 clinical laboratories offer genetic testing in Spain. At present, only 60% of those have adopted Next Generation Sequencing. Companies like Sophia Genetics, can certainly help early adopters get more out of their data. Whether or not it will drive an increase in adoption remains to be seen. Spain is still suffering the effects of a failing economy, but compelling evidence of medical benefit might be enough to encourage a bit of spending.

José Luís Castrillo, CEO of Genetadi, explained “We have been using Sophia Genetics’ platform for the past few months and I must say it is a friendly, fast, and very powerful informatics tool for the clinical laboratory set up. The company certifications allow us to work with trust and confidence, accelerating our analysis of alterations of the genome DNA, to the benefit of patients”.

Commenting on the collaboration with Sophia Genetics, Dr. Luís Alcaráz,Technical Director at Bioarray, said “We have been working with NGS for genetic diagnosis for several years and our experience tells us that the bioinformatics analysis and genetic variants interpretation are the most critical and time consuming parts of any workflow. With Sophia Genetics’ technology we will be able to speed up the whole process while getting top quality results. This will ultimately benefit the patients, with shorter waiting times.”

José María Alamo, CIALAB’s Technical Director also stated “After 20 years in the analytical market as a reference, CIALAB has decided to form an alliance with Sophia Genetics. This will allow us to get top analytical performance of NGS results, accelerate the adoption of new NGS tests as routine, reduce the turnaround times and, finally, work with ISO certified high quality bioinformatics tools. Altogether, this alliance will facilitate CIALAB in obtaining the ISO 15189 Medical Laboratory accreditation for NGS tests.”

That’s very strong praise. It should go without saying that Sophia Genetics’ platform is the only solution in the European market providing full ISO certification and clinical compliance with EU Data Privacy laws. With their client list increasing quickly, people are clearly being impressed by what they are seeing. It also sounds like there might be more Spanish partnerships to announce before the year is out.

“In the near future, we expect other Spanish public and private genetic laboratories to use Sophia DDM platform for NGS clinical data analysis. We see Spain as a growth driver to sustain Sophia Genetics’ strategic objective to reach 100 client institutions by the end of the year”, commented Sophia Genetics CEO and co-founder, Jurgi Camblong.