New data and functionality added to OncoLand

Genomics is a data driven field. Despite having some phenomenal datasets out there, there is still a lack of standardisation around format. Although many of these datasets are freely available, performing an analysis across them isn’t quite so straight forward. OmicSoft’s OncoLand platform is built to help make that a much simpler task, by allowing users to manage both public and customer datasets.

The latest release of OncoLand continues the platforms expansion, with the addition of new samples from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC). The new release also boosts functionality, with some welcomed improvements and the ability to look at potential viruses contained with the RNA-Seq datasets.

“We started with a product that focused on housing the TCGA datasets, and found that our expertise in the area of genomic data storage and analysis really lent itself to processing as many of the large-scale cancer genomics projects as we could manage,” said Jack Liu, President of Omicsoft Corporation. “Our customers felt there was a huge need for products that focused on both data processing pipelines and curation of public domain data, and our OncoLand and ImmunoLand products serve to fill that gap.”

“There is a huge amount of publicly available data out there, and we found that our customers, while interested in the data, didn’t necessarily have the time or resources to process all of it themselves,” said Matt Newman, VP Business Development for Omicsoft Corporation. “OncoLand provides a resource to allow our bioinformatics customers to focus on consuming data, rather than data processing.”

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