Photo Credit: Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy, Modern Fertility

Former product manager at 23AndMe, Afton Vechery has teamed up with developer of UberHEALTH, Carly Leahy to launch women health company, Modern Fertility.

The idea came about when Vechery went to have her fertility tested at a clinic, and was shocked by the $1,500 bill she was faced with, explains Forbes.  Modern Facility aims to democratise and simplify fertility testing by offering $149 at home tests, the first of their kind.

In order to begin building its own time the start-up raised a total £1 million, which is being led by First Round Capital with participation from Box Group, Y Combinator, and angel investors.

Women can now pre-order Modern Fertility tests available for shipment later in the year. Each kit is delivered in secretive packaging, physicians review finger-prick blood samples, measuring up to 10 fertility hormones and mapping ovarian reserve.

The company also adds a layer of interpretation to each customer’s lab results, with the addition of a fertility score informing a woman how many fertile years she has ahead of her.

Vechery explained, “We view this as a public health issue, every woman should have this information.” She expressed that doctors she had spoken to in her research said women wait too long, on average to freeze their eggs.

“We get a Pap smear every year just because we’re supposed to,” she added. “But something as personal as fertility is just, ‘wait and see’. It should be something you check in on every year.”