Startups in infectious diseases, urology and wine to receive the golden handshake from business incubator

Illumina Accelerator, the world’s first startup incubator focusing on the genomics space, have today announced the second wave of startup companies in the spring 2015 funding cycle.

Last October, sequencing giant Illumina launched their accelerator programme with Encoded Genomics, EpiBiome and Xcell Biosciences. During the six month funding cycle the startups were provided with seed funding, laboratory capacity and support, which has now translated into tangible improvements to their business.

“During our six months at Illumina, we formed a single-digit million-dollar partnership with a large pharmaceutical company, generated 15 TB of sequencing data, and advanced our internal pipeline programs,” a spokesperson for Encoded Genomics said.

The selected startups for the spring 2015 funding cycle are:

  • PathoGn, Inc. is an infectious disease platform company based in California using genomics and machine learning to build pathogen diagnostics and disease forecasting products for agricultural applications.
  • Biome Makers Inc. is a microbiome company founded by The Wine Guys, from Castile and Leon, Spain, introducing advanced genomics in the wine sector to transform the quality standards of vinification.
  • Urology Diagnostics Incorporated is a genomics company from Oregon developing noninvasive urine sequencing diagnostics for screening and monitoring cancer.

“We look forward to building upon the successes of our first graduates… by helping our second group of startups also create significant value, generate terabases of sequencing data, and advance their genomics applications,” said Amanda Cashin, Ph.D., who leads Illumina Accelerator.

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