Welcome to the Week in Genomics, our brand new weekly round-up of genomics news from around the world. This week: how genes and politics mix, new funding for genomics startups, and whether we should be editing DNA in wildlife or not.


Could your genes dictate your political leaning?

Researchers in Singapore have identified a gene variant that appears to influence personal politics, possibly through the release of dopamine in the brain.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge pays for patient genome sequencing

One year on the money raised by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is starting to make a real difference to ALS researchers.

Caution urged over editing DNA in wildlife (intentionally or not)

Heidi Ledford examines how rapid alteration of wild gene pools through genetic engineering could fight disease – and harm ecosystems.

Illumina Accelerator announce second class of genomics startups for spring 2015

Startups in infectious diseases, urology and wine to receive the golden handshake from business incubator.

Airplane poop could help track global disease outbreaks

How genomics analyses of airline toilet waist forms part of global disease surveillance.

Cerebral palsy may have genetic links

Several different genes are involved with the development of cerebral palsy, potentially explaining why affected children can have a wide range of symptoms.


Images from Wikimedia Commons