Craig Venter’s biotech firm Synthetic Genomics is facing a lawsuit from a former attorney who worked at the firm.

The suit, first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, was filed by the company’s former vice president of intellectual property, Teresa Spehar in San Diego Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges that women at the San-Diego based company received less pay than men, were promoted less frequently, were routinely excluded from meetings, and were openly dismissed and stereotyped.

Craig Venter Comes Under Fire With Human Longevity

The suit stated, “For the few women that somehow manage to advance to a leadership role, they are constantly reminded of their subordinate position within a male-dominated company. They are isolated and excluded from meetings. Then, when they actually are allowed into meetings, they are either ignored altogether, or disproportionately challenged and denigrated with gender-based stereotypes.”

The suit also confirms that cofounder, and genetics pioneer, Craig Venter as one of the individuals who partook in the discriminatory treatment, even though he is not named as a defendant in the complaint.

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