Report shows that UK is strongly positioned to be a key player in translational research.

The UK gene therapy industry is looking good, according to a new report into the state of cell and gene manufacturing capability and capacity. The report shows the annual growth within the cell therapy industry, and includes a number of key findings:

  • 25% increase in the numbers of highly-skilled staff at cell therapy facilities;
  • Addition of two cell therapy manufacturing centres;
  • 16% growth in the number of clean-rooms.

Centres are becoming increasingly busy as more cell therapies enter clinical trials, which may also be driving the recruitment of more personnel. The overall picture is that the future looks rosy for the UK’s future involvement in the future of medical biotechnology. This outlook is shared by The Cell Therapy Catapult, an independent organisation that conducted the investigation, who say that these findings confirm that the UK is strongly positioned to facilitate the translation of early phase academic research into the clinic. 

Keith Thompson, Chief Executive of the Cell Therapy Catapult, said: “This report clearly demonstrates that the UK’s cell and gene therapy industry is not only in a healthy state, but expanding and creating high-value jobs. The UK is the place to do translational research and commercialise products for the benefit of patients and the Cell Therapy Catapult’s large-scale GMP manufacturing centre, coming on-stream in 2017, will provide a step change in available capacity.