10X Genomics and the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) International Consortium have announced a new partnership, aimed at enabling HCA pilot projects. The partnership, which is non-exclusive, will allow researchers within the HCA project to buy 10X ChromiumTM Single Cell 3’ and 5’ RNA analysis solutions at discounted prices.

The HCA project is the largest undertaking of its kind. The goal of the project is to map out all the cells within the body to an unprecedented level, characterising the environment and gene expression profile of all different cell types. The consortium is guided by an organising committee that consists of 27 scientists from 10 countries, co-chaired by Sarah Teichmann, PhD, Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and Aviv Regev, PhD, Director of the Klarman Cell Observatory and Cell Circuits Program at the Broad Institute.

“The Human Cell Atlas will impact almost every aspect of biology and medicine, ultimately leading to a richer understanding of life’s most fundamental units and principles. The project has implications for a vast range of scientific applications and disease areas, and will benefit research and discovery around the globe,” said Dr. Teichmann.

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“The Human Cell Atlas is one of the most important scientific research undertakings since the Human Genome Project,” said Dr. Regev. “Recent advances in single-cell technology have allowed us to look at cells with a clarity and depth of analysis that we have never been able to achieve before, making this ambitious project a reality within reach.”

This new partnership was established to help the HCA consortium to launch pilot projects more easily, with the help of 10X Genomics’ high-throughput gene expression analysis solutions.

“We are excited to participate in this important project, which will have an impact on our understanding of basic human biology and disease, similar to what the Human Genome Project did for our understanding of genetics,” said Serge Saxonov, CEO and Co-Founder of 10x Genomics. “Our innovative technology enables massively parallel scRNA-seq analysis of hundreds to millions of individual cells, which is a revolutionary change in how gene expression experiments can and should be performed. We hope to see more ambitious projects tackle such massively complex biological problems, leveraging the scale and throughput our technology can provide.”