Screenshot from YouTube / Kurzesagt

Health is the most valuable thing we have in life. But we tend to forget that, until we lose it. We live longer than ever before, which is great – but an unforeseen consequence is that we also spend a larger and larger portion of our lives being sick. 

Getting old currently means spending more time in pain, so scientists are trying to shift the attention of the medical community from optimising lifespans to optimising healthspans. 

To do this we have to attack the root cause of almost all bodily defects – ageing itself. 

The science of ageing has made enormous progress the last few years with human trials to begin in the near future. Here are three examples of discoveries that might benefit people who are alive right now: 

  1. Destroy senescent cells
  2. Introduce more NAD+ into the body
  3. Using stem cells to create new cells

Which discovery do you think will get to human trials first?