Although DNA-home testing is getting a lot more accessible and affordable for the everyday person, Senator Chuck Schumer claims doing so is more dangerous than we think. 

He said that its unclear what companies like AncestryDNA do with all the data they collect from hair or saliva samples, writes The New York Post. 

In a press conference, he said, “Many don’t realise that their sensitive information may end up in the hands of many other third party companies. There is no point in learning about your family tree if your privacy gets chopped down at the same time.”

With the kit producers racking up their marketing for the Christmas period, Schumer is now calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate. 

He continued to highlight how Ancestry DNA’s fine print tells customers that it reserves the right to “communicate your genetic information for the purposes of providing products and services.”

In a statement, Ancestry DNA, explained, “We respect and agree with Sen. Schumer’s concern for customer privacy and believe any regulation should match the commitments we make to our customers.”

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