UK angels and VCs invest in Cambridge-born bioinformatics startup Desktop Genetics. 

Desktop Genetics want to revolutionise the way that genetic researchers work. To that end the company has recently raised $2.15 million from UK investors to further develop its genome-editing software platform, DESKGEN.

Founded in 2012 following the “colorful remarks of frustrated bench scientists”, the aim of Desktop Genetics and DESKGEN is to make designing CRISPR-based genome editing experiments simpler. The online platform provides step-by-step guides for the CRISPR process, and enables researchers to purchase the reagents needed to create their cell lines.

Along with some investment in sales and marketing, this latest cash injection will be used to launch a custom sgRNA library design service for users engaged in functional genomics, target identification and validation.

CEO and founder Riley Doyle said, “To date, the DESKGEN platform has enabled over 4,000 gene editing experiments and assisted thousands of users in designing and accessing the best reagents for their research.”

“We are grateful to our investors for making the next stage of development possible, and I am excited to lead the company through this phase of growth.”

Darrin Disley, chairman and investor in DTG added: “I am delighted to continue my working relationship with this talented team as they move into the growth phase of the business cycle.

“It is an exciting time to be in the healthcare sector as the convergence of biology and software promises to have a great impact on human healthcare via application of gene editing in areas such as gene therapy, cell therapy and the development of personalised medicines.”

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