New centre will address unique genetic needs of Asian populations. 

From the US, to Europe, and now China, Veritas Genetics are on the move. This week the company announced the the establishment of an R&D centre in Hangzhou, China that will focus on developing products for the Asian market. 

Veritas Genetics launched their first product, the myBRCA direct-to-consumer cancer test in the US earlier this year, and last month got the EU green light to market the product in Europe

“We are determined to develop products that address the unique genetic variants which are common in Asian populations,” said Veritas Genetics’ Vice President of Global Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Dr. Lei Li. “And [we] are making a significant commitment to bring Veritas Genetics’ technology to Asia.”

Those unique genetic variants include conditions such as alpha- and beta-thalassemia, inherited blood disorders that are much more prevalent in Asian populations compared to the rest of the world. In both conditions the body’s ability to produce haemoglobin is impaired, resulting moderate to severe anaemia in newborns, and a range of associated symptoms including delayed growth, liver damage and bone deformities. 

Through its links to China Veritas hopes to increase access to disease prevention through genetic screening. These services are typically less available to Chinese and South East Asian populations, with affordability and accessibility being the major barriers for disease prevention. 

“We are beginning to collaborate with institutions in China and Asia to help address these unique genetic needs,” said Dr Min Wang, Vice President of China R&D.

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