A newly formed partnership between Edico Genome and InterSystems aims to help with the movement of genomic data across clinical settings and electronic health records. 

Edico’s DRAGEN Clinical Genomics Information System will give clinicians order genomic tests more easily, reports HealthcareIT News. In addition, it will enable better analytics as data is moved across the EHR. 

Patients’ genetic information can be shared bidirectionally, officials say, enabling harmonisation of the large amounts of genomic data generated by next-generation sequencing. This ensures that critical information is well integrated when physicians review the EHR and allowing clinicians to make more confident precision medicine decisions based clinical and phenotypic context. 

“By ensuring connectivity between a patient’s genomic testing and their longitudinal health record, this partnership will give clinicians and patients alike better visibility into their complete health,” explained Paul Grabscheid, vice president of strategy for InterSystems. 

Pieter van Rooyen, CEO of Edico Genome, added, “Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for labs of all sizes to start using NGS in routine clinical care. Through our partnership with InterSystems, we are able to integrate DRAGEN CGIS into the broader healthcare ecosystem day-to-day workflow and operations, enabling patient’s genetic and clinical data to be reviewed together and potentially leading to richer insights.”