Map the Gap

Map the Gap Campaign Poster

The work of GenomeAsia 100k is highly important to us here at Front Line Genomics, and we are in full support of their most recent effort to close the genetic gap within the South Asian population. 

Worryingly, only 1% of genetic data comes from South Asians, who account for nearly a quarter of the global population. Hoping to change this, the nonprofit consortium is hoping to sequence 100 genomes of people from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh writes Gizmodo. This is all part of an ambitious plan to sequence the genomes of 100,000 people from across Asia. It’s currently, trying to raise $150,000 through crowdfunding to help with its South Asian research. 

Without such genetic information available about South Asian people, there is an obvious lack of research that could be used to help find cures for genetic disease or disease in which genetics play a role, like cancer. Researchers within the nonprofit are also collecting microbiome, clinical and phenotype information to gain a deeper understanding of local genetics, and how they might impact health. This data will then be used to create tests for populations at high risk of passing on devastating genetic conditions to their children, as well as for research into clinical therapies.