Helix has successfully closed a $200 million financing round, and has revealed that it plans to expand its personal genomics marketplace to accelerate consumer adoption of genomics.

The startup launched back in 2017, collects and sequences a DNA sample once, and then stores it and protects the customer’s data so that they can access additional DNA-powered products and services from the Helix store, without providing another saliva sample.

Helix CEO, Robin Thurston explained that the financing will enable it to expand its health-related product offering,s reports MobiHealthNews. She added that Helix also works with research partners such as the Health Nevada Project on community health projects built on the Helix Exome platform. 

Right now, the Helix store includes 35 products from 20 partners and that number is expected to grow to more than 50 products in 2018, following major launches including new products from partners like the Mayo Clinic. 

Helix has managed to seal deals with 47 companies to run tests on the platform. Some tests are available for as low as $20, but others can cost hundreds of dollars.