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Community-owned genomic and medical research base, Luna DNA have announced an addition of three new members to its leadership team. 

Debora Thompson, former director of market strategy and innovation for clinical genomics at Illumina, will spearhead the strategic planning and execution of the Luna Community infrastructure development and head-up future partnerships as Vice President of Business Strategy and Operation. Thompson spent over 10 years at Illumina while leading projects and teams to accelerate genotyping and next-generation sequencing into applied and clinical markets. She served as chief of staff to both the new and emerging markets and applied genomics business units.

Taking over the reigns as Vice President of Marketing is Aaron Mendes, who has been part of many consumer and enterprise startups including 1010data, which was acquired for $500 million by Advance Newhouse in 2015. Mendes has a diverse background in building massive scale consumer communities, digital media, online marketing, big data, and marketing analytics.



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The newest advisory board member is Sharon Terry, who will join Luna’s team of industry leaders and research experts in the field of genomics. Existing advisory board members include leaders from Illumina, Stanford University, Kavli HUMAN Project, New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, Human Longevity, and PwC Strategy&Healthcare. 

Dawn Barry, President and Co-founder, Luna DNA

Dawn Barry, President and Co-founder, Luna DNA

“As individual interest in personal DNA exploration continues to grow, our team is busy building the community-owned platform to aggregate and organize this vital testing data for the purpose of medical research and discovery,” said Dawn Barry, president and co-founder, Luna DNA.

“We expanded our team of veteran leaders to support this growth and commitment to discovery through trust-based engagement of individuals.”