Will Estonia be the World’s First Genetic Nation?

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estoniaThe Estonian government are about to kick off a programme that will provide free DNA-based lifestyle advice for 100,000 of its 1.3 million residents. 

This makes the European country the first to offer state-sponsored personal DNA interpretations to its citizens. 

The goal of the initiative is to minimise, or even prevent future illnesses by giving citizens whose genes put them at risk of certain conditions conditions a forewarning. But some have warned that this might cause unnecessary worry for those who find out they have an elevated risk for certain diseases, reports New Scientist. 


Dubai to Sequence DNA of Entire Population


Estonia isn’t the only country making an effort to integrate DNA sequencing into its healthcare system. Dubai recently announced similar plans to sequence the DNA of its entire population, in a bid to improve the health of its 3 million residents. And in the US, The Healthy Nevada Project is planning to sequence the DNA of 40,000 Nevadans.


Engaging in Health Conversations: 40,000 Nevadans Are Having Their DNA Sequenced

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