Singlera Genomics, a non-invasive genetic diagnostics company that focuses on early-stage cancer detection, has secured a $60 million Series A+ financing. 

The company based in La Jolla and Shanghai says its technology allows testing of DNA found outside of cells. This “cell-free” approach avoids invasive testing such as tissue biopsies, the company says. Early detection may improve treatment success.

The financing round was led by Green Pine Capital Partners and Prosperico Ventures,

The funds will help Singlera expand the development and commercialisation of its non-invasive genetic tests for early-stage cancer detection and clinical validation studies.

The company will also use the funds to further expand its research facilities and its TiTanSeq™ and MONOD™ platforms into new product lines that address early cancer detection, diagnosis and personalised treatment.

Other investors were UCF Medical Investment, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, and Lilly Asia Ventures among others.

“This new funding will give us significant runway to continue to advance our innovative research and development programs, and we are poised to become the world leader in early-stage cancer detection,” Dr. Yuan Gao, Chairman of Singlera Genomics said.