Freenome Partner With Biognosys on Early Cancer Detection

Using blood to detect cancer. (Photo: Freenome)

AI genomics company Freenome yesterday announced a partnership with proteomics company Biognosys, to enhance its broad-signal approach to early-cancer detection and precision oncology. 

By decoding cell-free (cf) biomarker patterns of once-unthinkable complexity, Freenome’s AI genomics platform is poised to detect cancer at its earliest stages and help clinicians optimise the next generation of precision therapies. 

The platform looks beyond tumour DNA to analyse the body’s own response to cancer — the fragments of cfDNA and cfRNA that are released into the bloodstream when the presence of cancer leads to the destruction of immune and other cells in the tumour environment. 

Freenome will leverage Biognosys technology to add protein quantification of exceptional depth and precision in the development of its first commercially available screening test.

“Changes in protein expression can be either direct or surrogate markers for emerging disease processes in the body,” said Freenome CSO, Imran Haque. “Working with Biognosys gives us a distinct and complementary type of information to use alongside our genomic sequencing data, which in turn may improve the performance of our tests.” 

Financial and other terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.