The NIH’s All of Us Research Program issued a funding announcement yesterday for Genome Centres to generate genotype and whole genome sequence data from participants’ biosamples. 

The information produced by the Genome Centers will become an important component in the program’s precision medicine research platform, the agency said. 

Additionally, the program is planning a pilot study in coming months on the responsible return of genetic information to participants, which will include education and genetic counselling, as part of the program’s commitment to making all participant data available to participants themselves. More details about the pilot study will be available as plans develop.


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The program anticipates funding up to two Genome Center awards in FY2018, with analyses to begin this fall. Applicants may request funds to generate and analyze genotype data from 100,000 participants in the first year while beginning to also employ whole genome sequencing methods. In remaining years of the anticipated five-year project period, applicants may request funds for whole genome sequencing for as many as 200,000 participants annually. 

Applications will be evaluated on teams’ technical approach, plans to scale up operations, capabilities to operate a clinical validation laboratory, experience, past performance, and cost proposal, and on other considerations related to programmatic priority.

Applications for funds are due on July 12th 2018. You can find additional information about applying here.