Genome Pioneer Craig Venter Retires from Human Longevity

J. Craig Venter (Photo Credit: Art Streiber)

J. Craig Venter shared on Twitter last week that he is retiring from Human Longevity, and returning to the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) to continue his work. 

When Craig Venter launched his start-up four years ago, his promise of driving a medical revolution excited the industry.

For $25,000 he would sell you a complete genome sequence, a full-body MRI scan, a cardio CT scan, bone densitometry, cognitive testing and more, all in the hopes of discovering an unidentified brain tumour or abnormality.

Speaking of the company, Venter said: “We have sequencing that’s better than anybody else in the world. We have the most accurate data.”

However, as Front Line Genomics reported in September 2017, Human Longevity faced some backlash when critics claimed that the company did not fulfil its promises.  

Venter was reappointed as CEO of the company three months later, replacing Cynthia Collins, who only joined the company in January the same year. 

JCVI, where Venter is also founder, chairman, and CEO, is a not-for-profit genomics-focused research organisation with about 200 scientists and staff. 

They have already sequenced and analysed hundreds of genomes, and have published numerous important papers covering such areas as environmental genomics, the first complete diploid human genome, and the groundbreaking advance in creating the first self-replicating bacterial cell constructed entirely with synthetic DNA.

Hopefully, Venter’s increased time at JVCI will help investigators bring their science to the next level. 

Human Longevity has not made any official statements as of yet, on whether it has hired, or begun a search for Venter’s successor.