US Head of Oncology Leaves Novartis For CEO PositionBill Hinshaw has left his position as Executive Vice President of US Oncology at Novartis, to assume the role of CEO at Axcella Health.

The move ends Hinshaw’s 14 and a half year stint with Novartis, and sees him reunited with for Novartis Pharmaceuticals CEO. David Epstein. Epstein is Chairman of Axcella Health, and was previously responsible for starting and leading Novartis’s Oncology and Molecular diagnostic units.

“Bill joins Axcella’s leadership team at a key inflection point in the company’s strategic and clinical evolution with a proven track record of overseeing the successful clinical development and commercialization of numerous therapeutic franchises across multiple geographies,” said Epstein. “Axcella has made substantial progress in 2018 as we continue advancing our proprietary platform and expanding our pipeline of novel metabolic modulators. We are excited to have Bill on board to lead the company through its next phase. I want to thank Bob Connelly whose leadership and dedication over the last five years have put Axcella on our current growth trajectory.”

Axcella Health are developing  therapies that address metabolic dysregulation  by reprogramming cellular physiology. The approach is hoped to provide effective treatment for muscle, liver, and CNS disorders.

“I was drawn to Axcella by the importance and fundamental nature of their science, and the potential of their platform to transform patients’ lives. I am thrilled to join the company at this critical stage and look forward to leading the organization with passion and purpose into its next phase of growth,” said Hinshaw.

Given the success both Epstein and Hinshaw enjoyed with Novartis, this appointment makes Axcella Health one to watch.

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