London Calling: It's Oxford Nanopore

One of the new prototypes: MinION Mk1c, with flongle and flongle flow cell. (Photo: David Eccles)

For all the nanopore enthusiasts and aficionados out there, London Calling is the highlight of the year. Taking place in May, the show is everything you’d expect from a company that takes such care with its growing community of users.

So what happened this year, behind the closed doors of one of the coolest events out there?

Well, it may not have been a big sexy new product announcement, but the news of the first PromethION service provider is nonetheless important. It reaffirms what we already knew; there’s a hungry market out there for ONT. Just take a look at the list of nanopore sequencing service providers. Looking good!

That hungry market is also one that is busy putting nanopore sequencing to imaginative and innovative use. To understand the wide scope of applications out there, you can take a look at the write-ups from Day 1 morning and afternoon, and Day 2, morning and afternoon of all the presentations.

Pretty cool stuff. But someone always has to steal the show, and that person is always going to be Clive Brown. The good people at ONT have made the whole presentation available online, so go check it out. To sum it up at the most basic level, Oxford Nanopore Technologies are streaks ahead of the competition when it comes to making sequencing easy to use and easy to afford as a full end-to-end process. 

London Calling 2018 final thoughts: in the past it’s always been a case of a lot of people talking about nanopore sequencing. This year, you got the sense that people aren’t just talking, they’re doing.