Genomic Health Stock Skyrockets After TAILORx Data Clarifies Utility of Oncotype DX

(Credit: Genomic Health)

To face chemo, or not to face chemo? That’s the agonizing decision that many women have to make when facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

As we reported yesterday, a federally funded large-scale phase II trial has shown that most women with the most common form of breast cancer do not need chemotherapy following surgery.

That’s absolutely massive news for the breast cancer field, and hundreds of thousands of women around the world.

It’s also big news for Genomic Health, the developer of the Oncotype DX test that was evaluated during the trial.

Earlier data had indicated the same findings, but the most recent results, involving a larger sub-set of patients, give both doctors and patients more confidence in taking the daunting decision to avoid chemotherapy altogether.

As Elain Schattner, a contributor to Forbes and an early-stage breast cancer survivor wrote, “I think the TAILORx findings are the most important reported since I entered the field. These results have the potential to reduce overtreatment of breast cancer – stopping patients unnecessary exposure to chemotherapy – in a large fraction of cases.”

Lead author of the trial, Joseph A. Sparano, MD, Associate Director for Clinical Research at the Albert Einstein Cancer Center and Montefiore Health System in New York City, said that “the results provide an unprecedented level of precision and highest level of evidence supporting the use of this test to guide adjuvant chemotherapy use in this population, which accounts for about one-half of all breast cancers.”

Genomics Health’s share price has unsurprisingly skyrocketed since the announcement was made.