AI-Powered Life Sciences Company nference Raises $11 Milllion in Series A FinancingSometimes a new company catches the eye, and this week that company is nference, a Cambridge MA-based start-up developing AI technology to discover and develop drugs more effectively.

AI is no longer new in this space, so why does nference grab our attention?

Well, beyond the news about funding, one reason is their advisory board. It’s strong.

  • George Church. You know him.
  • Paul Clemons of the Broad.
  • Bill Louv, former CIO at GSK.
  • John Ho, Chief Strategy Officer at Charles River.

These are just four on an impressive list.

But we also like their vision, particularly the diversity of applications across the life sciences ecosystem, in particular in supporting pharma companies.

Using data to conduct hypothesis-free research is increasingly becoming one of the big untapped opportunity in the pharma space, as companies continue to face challenges with pipelines and development success rates. nference’s approach, and the people involved, feels like the start of something special – a credible drive to digitizing biology and an interesting step towards AI-powered drug development.

Discoverability, integration, analysis… these are major issues facing data professionals. It’s refreshing to see a company take a new approach to such a significant problem. As data become more abundant, richer and more varied, the opportunities to deliver improved outcomes for patients is significant.

That’s also why we’re organizing a ‘Precision Data SIG’ meeting in Boston in September. The more that we can do to support pharma at this pivotal time, the more benefit we will see from the large swathes of data that are being created but are not yet being fully utilised.

Disclaimer: nference are not, and have never been, a client of Front Line Genomics. We have not contacted anyone at nference in putting together this piece, and neither has anyone at nference contacted us. No-one at Front Line Genomics has any association with nference. We just like the look of them!