Podcast: The Ins and Outs of Genomics with George Church

Professor George Church, Harvard Medical School

We all know George Church as the legend he is. Being diagnosed with narcolepsy, he definitely haven’t been doing a lot of snoozing. Not only is he one of the earliest drivers of the Genome Project, he is also one of many pioneers behind the revolutionary gene editing technology, CRISPR, and he has co-founded 22 life sciences companies! 

Rob Reid, over at Ars Technica features George Church in his podcast After On, and you can have a listen (below) to the first of three instalments. 

In this 30-minute episode, George Church talks about his disappointment with the Human Genome Project, the blistering price/performance improvements in both DNA synthesis and sequencing, and CRISPR’s strength and weaknesses, in addition to the improvements he hopes to see in its successors. 

PS. If you enjoy Rob’s conversation with George Church, part two and three will run on Wednesday and Thursday. 
You can access the full archive here, or by typing “After On” into your podcasting app.