Blockchain Company DNAtix Presents Complete Genome Sequencing Pilot

(Credit: DNAtix)

European genetics blockchain company, DNAtix, have announced the pilot of their blockchain-based infrastructure and ecosystem for genetic testing, services and research.

With a first successful proof of concept already completed for transferring a genetic sequence over the Ethereum blockchain, a DNAtix token is underway that will be integrated into the use of its platform, the company said in a statement.

DNAtix also holds a direct-to-consumer platform that provides full genome testing and access to services and solutions on the blockchain, allowing researchers to use anonymous DNA to create tests, do research, and design new treatments. 

“Consumers, healthcare institutions, research centres, clinics, genetic counsellors and others interested in using, testing, or gathering DNA data can now connect, work together for better health solutions and feel confident in sharing their genetic information,” DNAtix CEO and CTO, Ofer Lidsky said. 

In order to better leverage its infrastructure and potential of blockchain genetic storage, the company has freely released its tool for compressing DNA sequencing files on GitHub.