FDNA announces a landmark achievement of evaluating the 100,000th patient through Face2Gene, a suite of smart phenotyping applications, helping healthcare professionals evaluate the phenotypes of thousands of medical conditions using FDNA’s next-generation phenotyping (NGP) technologies that capture, structure, and analyze complex human physiological data. With this milestone, FDNA continues to solidify its position at the forefront of artificial intelligence, genomics, and precision medicine.

“We have created a virtuous circle of value, allowing us to continue to develop advanced artificial intelligence technology and deliver benefits to patients and healthcare professionals by making our NGP technologies available free of charge,” said Dekel Gelbman, CEO of FDNA. “Face2Gene will soon surpass 6,000 patients a month and double the number of patients’ lives impacted by our products and technologies over the next several months.”

More than 70% of the world’s geneticists and a global network of over 2,000 clinical, research, and lab sites across 130 countries have integrated Face2Gene into their workflow, contributing thousands of cases to its deep learning system each month. Cumulatively, these cases are added to other research collaborations led by FDNA and have resulted in one of the world’s fastest growing and most comprehensive phenotypic databases, housing information on more than 10,000 genetically-caused diseases.

“With more and more data supporting the development of advanced AI technologies, we are closer than ever to better understanding genetically-caused diseases,” said Gelbman, “paving the way for new treatments and improved quality of life for hundreds of millions of patients around the world.”