AI Drug Discovery Startup Verge Genomics Raises $32 Million

(Credit: Funding Note)

Verge Genomics, the drug discovery startup we recently featured in our Top 5 Startups Disrupting Healthcare, has raised $32 million in Series A financing. 

The financing round, led by tech-focused DFJ, that have previously invested companies like Tesla and Skype, brings Verge’s total funding to more than $36 million.

“We wanted our investor syndicate to reflect the same interdisciplinary mindset and are excited to bring together top investors from both the biotech and technology sectors,” co-founder and CEO Alice Zhang said in a statement. 

New biotech investors such as WuXi App Tec’s Corporate Venture Fund, ALS Investment Fund, Agent Capital, and OS Fund also participated in the round. 

Since being launched in 2015, the San Francisco-based Verge has worked to develop its proprietary genomic datasets that have been derived from brain tissue samples from patients who have died from neurodegenerative diseases, and created some of the field’s largest, comprehensive sources for ALS and Parkinson’s disease data, according to Zhang.

“This funding will allow us to advance our most promising drug candidates towards the clinic while continuing to expand our proprietary datasets and therapeutic portfolio,” Zhang added.