Source: NHGRI

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research awarded a $1 million grant to the New York Genome Center (NYGC), as reported by GenomeWeb. The grant is intended to help the NYGC to investigate the genomic factors of cancer in ethnically diverse populations.

The grant is primarily targeted at supporting a project being planned by the NYGC called Polyethnic-1000, which is being led by researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. The goal of the project is to use modern sequencing and data analysis technologies to investigate cancer genetics within ethnic populations that are currently underrepresented in existing databases.

With this information, the team hope to gain insights into cancer risk, tumour biology, and response to treatment across a diverse population. In the future, they hope that this work will enable clinicians to better tailor their treatments to each patient regardless of ethnic origin.

“In this study, we are creating a dynamic research platform within the greater New York area that promises to enhance the ways in which cancer is prevented, diagnosed, and treated,” Harold Varmus, Weill Cornell Medicine researcher and NYGC member, said in a statement. “Polyethnic-1000 will establish a framework to enhance interactions among our region’s cancer treatment centers that should improve and widen the use of genomics for all patients.”