SOPHiA GENETICS, a biotech company founded in Switzerland in 2011, has announced that they are opening a new headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts to accommodate growing US demand. These plans were revealed yesterday at the Personalized Medicine World Congress at Duke University.

“When we created SOPHiA GENETICS, we never expected to have such an impact worldwide,” said Lars Steinmetz, Co-Founder of the company and Professor at Stanford University. “Thanks to the expertise and quality delivered by SOPHiA’s dedicated team of experts and its standardized technology SOPHiA, the company has earned the trust of the global genomics community, which is so important to truly accelerate the democratization of Data-Driven Medicine.”

The company’s primary offering, SOPHiA AI (SOPHiA), is the now the most widely used technology for genomic analysis, having been adopted by hundreds of university hospitals across the world. The tool is designed to help clinicians handle and understand the large amounts of genomic data being generated in a way that improves patient care or treatment. It’s estimated that SOPHiA has analysed 250,000 genomic profiles, and that number is only growing (at a rate of about one every five minutes!).

SOPHiA is already a popular tool in the United States, supporting more than 100 university hospitals across the country. With the establishment of this new US office, the company hopes to be able to better support and expand their customers nationwide.

“We are experiencing a wide and fast adoption of our technology in North America and are very happy to open our U.S. headquarters in Boston and strengthen our team to support customers’ needs,” said Jurgi Camblong, CEO and Co-Founder of SOPHiA GENETICS. “We currently have 20 people working in the U.S. and we will be expanding to 50 within a year’s time.”